About The Experience

The main focus of the Interconnected Reiki course is learning how to practice interconnected Reiki - often called distant or absent Reiki, along with mental/emotional healing techniques.

The course is equivalent to an Usui Level Two or  Second Degree course. Students can expect to:

  • Receive your Second Degree Attunements
  • Learn the Usui Second Degree symbols
  • Learn steps & additional techniques for Second Degree training
  • Meditation techniques & breathwork for use with Interconnected Reiki
  • Deepen your knowledge of energy therapy
  • Practice breath work, meditation, and grounding/clearing techniques
  • Take part in practice sessions with accompanying Sound Therapy, including interconnected healing, time-release methods and mental & emotional healing for self & others
  • Foundations of Reiki (Usui First Degree) course teachings will be reviewed, students who have Usui First Degree from a different Reiki Master will have access to additional resources
  • Each day includes the opportunity to experience Sound Therapy (crystal singing bowls, chimes and other accompanying instruments), alongside meditation & Reiki

You’ll receive:

  • Usui Second Degree Certificate
  • Loving gentle energy to work with for the rest of your life
  • Continuing education through Q&A calls & in person practice sessions
  • An extensive training manual… And more!

Ready to sign up? If we haven’t spoken, please email Miriam with your preferred contact method and times/days that would work for a quick call. We'll go over any questions that you have, and Miriam will go over how to prepare. You can then either send an e-transfer to confirm your spot or use the Book Now button below.

Investment: $350+HST per person for the entire course

Find the refund & cancelation policy here.

How Does It Work?

The course is held on on or two days depending on the group.

To keep things cozy and intimate, and to allow time for questions, each group has a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 6. If we’ve already spoken and you've decided to learn this gentle energy therapy, confirm your spot by sending an e-transfer to info@ miriamlyon.com or using the Book Now button above.