About Miriam Lyon

We live in a fast-paced, busy world, with many outer distractions. To navigate this world with more ease and calm, Miriam began a daily morning and evening seated meditation practice as a teenager. She then started practicing yoga, studied Buddhism, and in her early 20s she completed her BaH in Psychology. Miriam has a consistent passion for wellness, attending workshops and courses on a variety of alternative wellness modalities, reading and attending online conferences on all things health and wellbeing. 

Empowering individuals with the tools they need to heal themselves on all levels, Miriam practices from an understanding of what habits and techniques can positively transform a person's life. Miriam loves to share the benefits of yoga, energy work (Reiki/sound) and meditation with her clients and students through Sound Baths and Reiki Training Courses. The yoga practices that influence her work with Sound and Reiki focus on breathing exercises, meditation, lifestyle and philosophy. Having studied with many teachers, she has a multitude of tools & techniques that she incorporates into her offerings; including visualization, guided meditations, simple tools & techniques to calm the nervous system, breathing exercises, sound, song, and the use of essential oils and scents (for those without sensitivities). 

Miriam shares tools her clients can use to access their innate ability to heal themselves. She works from a place of compassion, encouraging her clients to let go of judgement and focus on the transformational forces of breath and presence. These are profound practices, allowing access to the deep calm within us all. 

In her spare time you can find Miriam enjoying food & drink with friends, dancing (hiphop, dancehall & reggae are some of her faves - just not some of the lyrics ;)), nurturing her garden and houseplants, spending time in nature, or relaxing in a bath or by the water.

Hop on over to her Training & Qualifications page if you'd like more information on her background and experience.

  • "I adore Miriam's work - the goodness and love she puts into her profession, her beautiful sensitivity with sound and her lovely voice instrument. It's truly a sanctuary context that she creates, whether online or in person, group or individual." JM

  • "Miriam is a wonderful facilitator and trainer. She is knowledgeable, kind and understanding. She holds space beautifully so that you may grow organically. Miriam goes above and beyond and gives you her many years of knowledge in a concise way. I absolutely recommend her!" SJ

  • "Miriam is welcoming, warm and knowledgeable. Her genuine approach to her clients and students creates an openness for a transformational experience." CR

  • "As a newbie to energy work, I was quite skeptical before my first sound therapy session with Miriam. Her competent explanation at the beginning of the session and her kind welcoming energy put me at ease. The session itself blew my mind. Miriam intuitively touched on areas needing healing and I experienced a profound energy shift which confirmed that Miriam is an innate healer with a huge capacity for caring for people. I highly recommend her especially for people new to alternative therapies and energy work as she will respect wherever you are on your journey and still provide tangible therapeutic effects. Cannot recommend enough!" NM

  • "After our session, that calm feeling stayed with me all evening so that was really great. I left and everything was still, I felt like I was really in the moment, I had this overwhelming feeling to look around and take in everything, not be so rushed and thinking about a million things. I had a restful sleep. The next day I found when I was meditating that I could silence my mind a lot faster than normal, it was a lot easier to go to that quiet place, I really appreciated that. Thank you again for the amazing session! I will definitely come back for another" RU

  • "I recently had my first sound bath experience in a lovely group setting, led by Miriam. It was such a calming and soothing experience, I've been going on a regular basis. Miriam provided a safe and open environment that allowed us to take in and appreciate the experience fully. As someone new to energy work and sound therapy, I would highly recommend this experience to help you slow down your thoughts, appreciate the moment, and enjoy life in a more
    relaxed and peaceful state." MS